Confidential Employment Application

J.F.D. Landscapes, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and drug-free workplace. All prospective applicants must take and pass a pre-employment drug test in order to be eligible for employment at J.F.D. Landscapes, Inc.


Personal Data

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Do you have a valid driver's license? Yes   No
Do you have a CDL license? Yes   No
Do you have any points on your license? Yes   No
     If yes, how many?
Have you had a DWI or DUI? Yes   No
     If yes, what year?

Total Number of Dependents:
Do You: Rent Home/Apt:   Own Home

Do you have any health problems that will prevent you from performing physical work? Yes   No
     If Yes, please explain:

How did you hear of us?

Are you  a veteran? Yes   No
     If yes, Branch of Service:
     Final Rank:



High School:
Years Completed:
Degrees/Major Field:
Years Completed:
Degrees/Major Field:
Trade School:
Years Completed:
Degrees/Major Field:

Work Experience/Skills

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Reason For Leaving
1. From:    To:      
2. From:    To:      
3. From:   To:      
4. From:    To:      

Do you prefer Property Maintenance? Yes No
Do your prefer Construction/Installation? Yes No
Do you have a Pesticide License? Yes No
Have you fertilized? Yes No

What type of mowing equipment have you operated?

Dixie Chopper Bunton Exmark
Scag Wright Stander Walker

Can you operate a Compact Excavator? Yes No

Can you operate a skid steer loader? Yes No
   If yes, what type of implements have you used?

Bucket Forks Eliminator
Rockhound Auger Snowpusher/plow

Rate you landscape skills or knowledge for the following: (1 = the lowest & 5 = the highest)

Question 1 2 3 4 5
Are you able to mow in a straight line?
Installing brick patios & walks:
Installing stone walls:
Identification of plant material:
Grading and seeding:
Carpentry skills:
Mechanical skills and ability:

What do you like about landscaping?

What do you not like about landscaping?

Are you presently employed? Yes No
   May we contact your current employer? Yes No

May we contact your past employers? Yes No

Position you are looking for:
   If Other, please specify:

Hourly Wage or Salary Desired:



List three persons, not related to you, who you have known for at least one year.

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*Name: *Phone Number: *Relationship:
*Name: *Phone Number: *Relationship:

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